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I am in love…

with fall. And it absolutely kills me that no one else around me seems to notice. Yesterday, I looked up from my iPhone (guilty as charged) at the metro station and failed to find a friendly face around. Not that there weren’t people near me. There were. Everyone was just too preoccupied with their electronic friends. Oh how I long for the days when you actually¬†had to look at each other’s faces and not at a mini computer screen. Sad fact is most of my generation has forgotten all about those days and from the looks of it, generations old and new have too.

So, here is my request for you oh-too-busy (cough cough Washingtonians) folk out there. It’s ok. For just 30 seconds you can look up from that wonderfully illuminated technical screen of yours’ and soak in what’s ours’. Because this planet sure is giving us one heck of a show right now and you’re about to miss it!

Enjoy it– Happy Tuesday!!