day 6&7: written bare.


“I get lost sometimes

like everybody else

lose track of my lifelines

lose track of myself

and there’s all kind of reasons

to be scared and run away”

There are many miles between each town we visit and so I have some time to think. To stare at the hills. The mountains. The muddied grass turned brown in the heart of winter.

On the road, you can see life pass you by in a way that you just can’t when you’re in the middle of it, living it.

And so it’s made me think about this blog. How a lot of what I throw out to this space are the moments I want to write down, how a lot of those moments are the happy ones, the rays of light that shine through. I have a selection bias you could say. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t low points. Moments when I think to myself, wait, what exactly am I doing here?

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Swiss Getaway & a glimpse of this decade of being a 20-something

I’m 20 years old. Which means that by most standards both cultural and legal, I’ve been an “adult” for quite some time. But as I’ve quickly realized since moving here to Geneva, age really is just a number and no amount of being an adult will make you really feel like one until you’re ready.

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day 2: on independence day

IMG_4372So today, we go into Durban town, where let’s not dance around the point here, I am most interested in the food. The curry specifically. We go to a rinky-dinkity shop dressed up as a passable fast food joint in a food court in a mall that this shop clearly does not belong in (not amongst the KFCs and McDonalds and Burger Kings that scream food court at least.) We order garlic naan, butter naan, lamb buriyani, and a lamb karahi that I will be talking about till the end of all lamb karahis. Because this curry is seriously something else. The kind of breakfast/lunch (I think we call that brunch) that I will be talking about for ages – except that I can’t talk and pass out in the car instead because I have eaten so much that I am in physical pain.

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