HONY brings dreams to Harvard

Gosh how it all seems to change. So fast, so fast. There are less than a 60 days now till Graduation, the big culmination to a 4 year journey that has me calling Cambridge home. You don’t really realize how fast things change until you’re sitting in the stillness, in the dark with just you and your thoughts. I had one of these moments recently, sitting with a friend on the steps of Memorial Church in the Yard just around midnight. It’s remarkable how still Harvard Yard is at that time–a far cry from the hustle and bustle that usually has us with headphones in and iphones out, rushing from one class to the next during the day. We hardly look up to notice. And yet, in the middle of the night, the expansive view of Widener Library before me, it was nothing short of breathtaking. I used to live in this Yard as a freshman, made my first treks to a college classroom through it, slid down my first snow slope on a dining hall tray, and listened to many a performer and speech giver and tour guide talking about the “3 Lies of the Harvard Statue.”

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