Seeing i-to-i

Hi– we’re glad you’re here : )

Hi! We’re Inesha & Ishani. We’re sisters (twins in fact) and while we don’t hesitate to call Richmond, Virginia our hometown, we’ve found a second home of sorts at Harvard where you can find us soaking in sunshine and snow and everything from Plato to Carrie Underwood (or in Ishani’s case, anything pop and mainstream will probably do) while we fill our time with classes, long conversations with good friends, and time with the people who keep us grounded.

Now that we’re in college, our lives are shaping and molding faster than we ever thought. Unfortunately that also means our paths are diverging in many more ways than we could have ever imagined. And so to keep us in sync with each other and to keep a record of these times, we’ve started this blog here. We hope you’ll follow along. We don’t always see i-to-i on everything, but we sure do promise to try ;)

Much love,

I & I

p.s. If you have any thoughts, feedback, or you just want to say hi please don’t hesitate to email us at seeingitoi.blog@gmail.com


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