Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious, and adding the meaningful.

-John Maeda


Inesha’s special decorative touch (+ me invading her space)

These days when I look at my list of “to-do” items for the day, I usually find “soul-searching” at the very top. Of course it’s not literally written there, but it underlies everything that I do and every path that I’ve been walking lately.

And goodness, this blog has been quiet for a while. Quieter than I’m used to but happily so, I think, since all of this white space has left room for plenty of thinking. This blog post will be short and sweet–a quick update into the crazy that has befallen Inesha and I during the fall of our senior year at Harvard. This blog is our shared space and yet the theme of this chapter of our lives seems to be figuring out how we will diverge. It’s not a question of if or when–since that is inevitable–and so instead I find myself thinking increasingly about the how. Her interests lie in government and economics and matters of high political theory that I would have to read up on before we could have a conversation of any depth around them. My passions on the other hand belong to healthcare, to the world of consumer choice in living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle within systems that should be designed to make that possible. While we think about how we will contribute to the wide world around us, these fall days have been filled with many a dining hall conversation, spontaneous trips to the park or coffee shops less-frequented, and late night conversations with the roommates with whom we are sharing our wonderful Harvard Home for the last year. A few snaps from the past few weeks!


Finding beauty in all the expected places. Boston skyline


My precious roommate making our “roomie pumpkin.”


The ultimate carving masters!


Union Square donuts knows how to make the impossible possible with their special apple bacon concoction :)


A view of Cambridge from the top of Mather tower

Here’s to a wonderful weekend, sweet readers!


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