Top of the world.

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I’m on the top of the world, singing down on creation,

and the only explanation I can find

Hi friends,

I won’t try to do justice with words to the magnificent sights of Table Mountain. I’ll leave it to the pictures, even as they too fail to really describe all that this sight is, how it feels to walk in line with the clouds, to see out over all of Cape Town.

What I will write down for you though are a few of the words and phrases I’ve been collecting in my time here. A few cultural notes for my language lovers out there, if you will.

Be back soon! Hope you have a splendid rest of your week :)

xo Inesha

When in Cape Town…

  • Cool Drink = Soda (or Pop for you Mid-westerners out there :)

  • Robot = Traffic Light

  • “See you just now” (which in many ways makes absolutely no sense but it is the South African version of  “see you later”; I jokingly asked a Capetonian what it would mean if I said “see you later” here. His response: “That would be like saying well ‘see you never.’ Ouch.” Have to admit, this one is my absolute favorite.)

  • “How’s it?” (instead of how are you?)

  • Kak – you can look this one up if you so please

  • Aswell (pronounced with no space or intake of breath in between)

  • “Shame” (Best translation I can think of: “Well that’s a pity” or “Bummer”)

  • “Such a luss” = “such an effort”

  • Lekker= cool, nice, tasty, sexy – as in you might see a “lekker chick” or have a very lekker local meal”

  • Braai = barbecue, they don’t say barbecue around here

  • Bru = brother, dude, my friend (What’s up, my bru? :)

  • Serviette, not napkin, napkin = diaper

  • Mielie = Corn on the cob (someone was really craving corn one day… weird.)

  • And in the words of a friend from here: “There is a simple dichotomy of description here: everything is either amazing or hectic.”

    *And if you’re up for some fun comedy about the unique features of South Africans and Americans and a few cultures in between, I refer you to my new favorite South African comedian: Trevor Noah (and just because I can’t help myself, some of my other favorites of his are herehere, and here)

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