The town, from up high :)

Whenever I travel, one of my best friends back home always asks me the word I’d choose to describe the place I’m in. Argentina = passionate. Sri Lanka = paradise. Washington, D.C. = power. Not that you can ever really sum up all that is a place or a city or a people with one word, but it’s a sort of organization system for the mind. A point of focus really.

I mention all this because I think London’s word for me might just be lovely. Pics below from this past week. After a whirlwind of a semester set on fire by many a paper to be written and exam to be taken, it turns out London is just what I needed. I’ve been before and seen all the major sights, so this go around I got to really experience the city. The fish and chips. The Pimm’s. The coffee shops. The coffee shops. That and some walking, some good (and may I add, well deserved :) Cadbury chocolate, and conversations with my cousins who are growing up much too much and far too fast. All of it made for a good first stop on this three-month long sojourn across the Atlantic Ocean that I’m on this summer. Write soon friends, next from Cape Town! xo Inesha



3 thoughts on “lovely.”

  1. I love this one! glad to hear that you got to see a different side of a city we grew up with :)

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