Take me back to San Cris

Sometimes when I need of a break from my work, I’ll close my computer and take a walk. I’ve always thought they were pretty under appreciated, these walks. When I’m back at Harvard they might take me out of Mather House and down the street–perhaps if I’m feeling adventurous, they’ll even take me a ways down the winding Charles River.

Sitting in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, I felt that familiar urge to take a break from paper-writing and step outside. But this time, I had a new city to discover.


This is a city that is hard to describe in any concrete terms–it has a little bit of Venice perhaps, with tidbits of Zanzibar, and certainly fascinating people who come from all over the world and bring their unique flavor to the place. This also means that it’s a city where it can be hard to figure out where anyone is from, although you’re bound to hear every variety of accented Spanish you could have ever imagined. It’s a city, too, of honeymooners and backpackers, tourists and the occasional Harvard student who is writing her final papers very far away indeed from the University where they will ultimately be sent. The sounds here may remind me of Sri Lanka, but the sights and rich history belong only to San Cris–

the city where staying forever seems impossible, but coming back one day you hope is inevitable.

But alas my walk must come to an end, and I ultimately return to the pleasant café where my paper writing will resume. It is that time of year again after all :)

Happy finals week(s)!


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