Back in town

It’s a crazy set of life circumstances that will take you from the rooms of a Palace to the standing section of a bus swerving through the Sierra Madre in the span of just a few days–but there I was, myself part and parcel of the crazy. Stepping off the plane in Tuxtla yesterday, it felt good to have returned to Chiapas. It was a world away from the week I just spent in Europe, but it was familiar and welcoming nonetheless. I was coming back to something after all–the doctors, my host family, and the unfinished work that Partners in Health is dedicated to each and every day.

As the taxi sped away from the airport, the driver said that he could take me to the bus terminal (I still had a good 3 hours to go before reaching my final destination) or we could just “catch a bus” that was passing by. I nodded sleepily–sure, that sounded fine. And then, not minutes later, the driver whipped his head around and the car followed–got one! He sped in front of a passing bus, honked twice, and before I knew it I was watching my suitcase get hauled into the aisle of a big, white, rickety vehicle in the middle of a Chiapanecan highway. As I got on myself, I realized that there was not a vacant seat to be found. Uhoh, three hours of standing while the bus took wild turns around mountains bends would be a challenge I hadn’t anticipated. Fortunately, within a few minutes a nice young man soon offered up his seat, no doubt having witnessed the expressions of terror flashing across my face at every turn. I was grateful for his and everyone else’s kindness as they ogled this girl who was clearly at least a little bit foreign and could probably use their help. The amount of pure human-to-human kindness here never ceases to amaze me. And so, that was that. After some 15 hours of traveling, I was in my last 3 hour stretch. Almost there….


it’s good to be back :)

¡hasta pronto!


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