Obispo. Cuaresma. hortaliza. rezar.


Waking up to a house full of women is nothing new for me. After all, it’s four to one in my house. As I walked into the kitchen with my jarra (jug) to fill water for a bath, a familiar chorus of good mornings greeted me from various points in the room. Julissa and Doña Lori were at the hearth making tortillas, abuelita was washing dishes, and little Fernanda was being her usual mischevious self :)

Ishani, qué vas a hacer hoy?” (Ishani, what are you going to do today?) That was Julissa’s voice, coming shyly from near her mother’s side. Her dad had told me the night before that it was her big confirmation today at the Catholic Church. There would be people from all over the community and neighboring ones coming for the occasion.

Well…” I drew out my pause just a bit as I filled the jug. “I thought I’d come to your confirmation. It’s your big day, isn’t it?” I said sheepishly.

A broad smile spread over Julissa’s face. “Yes, it is!” she replied. I knew that expression because I had seen it on my own 15-year-old sister’s face a million times. I wouldn’t miss her big day for the world.


And there she was, wearing an elegant white dress with sandals to match. She looked beautiful.

Piling into the car, we headed to the church for her confirmation in the nearby community of Buenos Aires just a few minutes away. “I’m nervous,” she whispered to me as we sat crammed in the back of the green truck.

Being a little nervous is a good thing,” I replied. She seemed to think about that for a moment, and then settling into her thoughts, turned her head towards the window and stared at the Sierra passing by.

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