Just press play.

Mexico is a land of music. I’ve never before sat in an office where the music is louder than the frantic clicking noises of fingers against multiple keyboards. Here even that sound begins to sound musical.

(Rocío is currently belting out I’ll stand by you two tables away.)

But people work differently here. To wake up to music—whether coming from the surprisingly powerful speakers of my iPhone or someone’s creative genius or the speakers in the foyer, you can be sure that someone has already said “¡pon la música!” (play the music!) and at least two people have begun swaying along. To work is to enjoy here. I’ll admit that doing my readings in a library at school just doesn’t have the same rhythm to it. To always have a smile on your face and to be laughing with someone is such a gift.


Just another day at the office–suture practice with practical materials

On the one hand, this is a product of the fluidity of the work that goes on at a nonprofit organization with many young, passionate people coming in and out of the office—between visiting communities and doing consultations to strategizing about the community health worker program that is being rolled out in a new community, work and rhythm have become synonymous.

On the other, I think it may also just be something unique to the way people view the different spaces they occupy here. With joy, laughter, singing, dance, and plenty of hugs all around, there’s no way to not feel like a part of the work that you’re doing here. It quite literally moves you.

Happy Monday! Back to Honduras tomorrow :)


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