Nuwara Eliya

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Nuwara Eliya is many things. Cold temperatures and outdoor shopping stalls, tea estates that roll on for miles with fresh vegetables that line the streets and crisp spring air. There are roses in February and frost some mornings. Dutch and English influences pervade its streets and relaxation hangs in the air, no longer an afterthought but a permanent state of mind. But most of all, Nuwara Eliya is one of my most favorite, favorite places on earth. This trip to Sri Lanka I got to escape there with my uncle and aunt for a few days. We even got the perk of latching on to the president’s motorcade as he was leaving town. From the golf club we always stay at to the food to the sights and sounds that feel like coming home, I loved it all. I always do.






photo 4



photo 3

Up next: gettin’ work done in the city


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