It’s the most wonderful time of the year

The Obligatory Family Photo :)

So the holiday season (and READING PERIOD!) is upon us and things are busy…. between last meal dates and winter formals, papers and papers, all those readings (shh!) we never did, and FINALS, there is a lot going on these days at Harvard. But alas, I would be remiss not to blog about my most favorite part of this season. You see, these days you can pretty much bet you’ll find me snuggly nestled at one of my my favorite dining hall tables. Not to say this is unusual — I’m a big fan of studying and writing and eating in big communal spaces with lots of people around :)– but in winter it’s actually hard to get me to leave a d-hall. I’ve visited four just this week – Eliot, Leverett, Winthrop, and of course Mather– and I always snag a spot either in the corner next to the Christmas lights or right beside the big Christmas tree. You see, in this season, all the houses go all out — there’s an official tree decorating party in the dhall replete with every sweet you could imagine, from eggnog to candycanes, sugar cookies to chocolate cake (!!!) and at the end of it all, there’s a big, fat tree all decked out for the holidays. Below, pictures from the dhalls I’ve visited this week. As you’ll probably be able to tell… I’m pretty obsessed.

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 4.57.40 PM

And lastly, I thought I’d share with you pictures from another one of my favorite traditions of this season — my roommate + linkmate christmas party. Every year, we throw a little gift exchange just for the 11 of us, complete with the obligatory “family” photo. It’s always so much fun to exchange gifts and to see how much thought goes into each one. This year my favorites had to be the peanut butter my friend Michi gifted to Salena (Salena is obsessseeedddd with peanut butter… it’s the little things I tell you!) and the big GIGANTIC box Jacob wrapped for Wahaj. I’m not kidding – the box was the size of a printer, and the gift inside was the size of a ring box. Our blocking group goes all out — especially when it comes to the putting-together and wrapping of gifts! And of course my favorite was my own gift (I know, I know.) Neil, my secret santa, got me what everyone knows to get me: a Starbucks gift card (guilty as charged, yes I am a caffeine addict). But my favorite part was how he put my gift together. First I had to unrap this little origami box. Inside it was a small note that read, “Open the box under the cardboard box in front of you and DO NOT SCREAM.” Of course, then slightly terrified/totally amused because this is so totally a Neil-like thing to do, I proceeded to open that box only to find another note reading, “open the box at the door and SCREAM.” Alas, this led me to yet another note which finally, finally led me to my prized Starbucks gift card. Neil, you are the best.

Below, pictures of our little friend-family and all the unwrapping/secret santa shenanigans.

’tis the season! :)

The Peanut Butter!! 

All the ladies

We’re a bit of a ridiculous bunch and I love how my Starbucks gift card ended up getting taped to my poncho…

My adorable roommates


It’s all in the wrapping…

And in the friendship


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