The Silver Anniversary & The Season of Thanks

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 8.20.19 PM

Our parents cutting their 25th Anniversary cake

This season, Inesha and I know that we have plenty to be thankful for, but celebrating our parents’ 25th anniversary this past weekend is definitely high up on the list.

During the summer, Inesha and I had fumbled around with a few ideas as to how we would celebrate this milestone in our parents’ lives, and finally we decided that there was only one way in which we felt we could do it properly: as a surprise. Now, from the get-go we knew this would be hard to pull off. Considering that we were  two 20-year-old college students running around campus in Cambridge, Ma while our parents went about their day in our good ol’ hometown of Richmond, Va, we knew that we would certainly need to demonstrate a strong aptitude for coordinating plans and details. But thankfully, we have a family friend (really, one of our dear Sri Lankan “Aunties”) who is not only generous with her time and energy but also with her party-planning expertise. With her help, we were able to pull off our planned silver anniversary extravaganza for two parents who have done more for their daughters than they can ever know. We wanted them to have a chance to shine, not only as the wonderful parents that they are, but more so as the two unique, funny, smart, loving individuals who shared many years together long before Inesha and I ever graced the planet. This was to be a celebration of the years that Inesha and I never knew as much as we hoped it would be a promise for many more joyous ones to come. We feel so fortunate not only for our parents, but too for our little sister and the Sri Lankan community that has followed and supported us since we were little girls. As much fun as we had, I’ll have to admit that this is among the things that made it that much harder to board our flight and leave Richmond behind early this Sunday morning. But we’ll be back before we know it :) And now, though  Thanksgiving Day has passed , here is wishing you and your family much love and happiness during what truly is a season of thanks.

And because my words can’t do them justice, here are some of the  moments we shared this weekend. Enjoy!


a family photo opp moments after our parents walked through the door


a cake that was truly to die for!

pic7and of course plenty more food from our mom’s favorite restaurant :)


one priceless moment

pic16and many more shared with dear friends and family

And now, the many faces of surprise :)

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