The First Few Weeks: in Snapshots

Strong hands, thick skin, and an open heart.

Maybe it’s because I grew up listening to her. Or because I was convinced from a very young age that Rose’s heart would always go on. Either way, I’ve always loved the story and words of Celine Dion. And this week, her new single has definitely been on repeat. It’s interesting to think of the timing, during this, the beginning of October and Fall’s characteristically loud announcement that it has finally arrived. It’s a season when the leaves are vibrantly displaying their last show before their inevitable recession into the Earth. And yet, Celine’s new single–“Loved Me Back to Life”–is not a song about impending hibernation, but rather rejuvenation. Her words–empowering, charismatic, chilling, and beautiful–have carried me through this week as I fall (as I always do) in love with fall, and remind me that even in a season leading to slumber, rejuvenation is always possible.

And so, just as this blog is being brought back to life at the beginning of a new school year, here are a few snapshots of what we’ve been up to!

Inesha presents Junior year with a question, or rather, a challenge: shall we dance? As the slightly antagonistic twin, I’d have to vary that statement just a bit. Let’s dance, certainly, but more importantly, let’s build on all the good that we’ve already got going (not as catchy, perhaps, but 100% true) :)


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