these days.


Sunday, on Sunday I finally escaped Manhattan. A surprisingly quick train ride out of Penn Station and twenty minutes later I found myself in the pleasantly nicer suburbs of Brooklyn. You know, where there’s actually tress. TREES. My father would approve.

I spent the afternoon brunching with my former TF and his adorable little girl. It was a good reminder, of the simple things.

photo (1)
Yup, that’s right– A-DORABLE.

New York, you see, is so very BIG. It’s a concrete jungle of platinum shining searing lights and plasma screens and funny people walking on the streets. It smells sometimes and when it rains it really RAINS. But tucked in here and there are little villages and collections of stores, bakeries and cute coffee shops. It’s a kaleidoscope, really, of different places and things and peoples. I told one of my close friends recently that if Washington DC’s word is ‘power,’ New York’s is ‘character.’ And of that, it sure has plenty.

It’s given me something I thought DC would but that I realize in retrospect it didn’t give me at all.

W i d e   o p e n  s p a c e s.

And yes, I realize how counterintuitive it is that I’ve found that in this concrete jungle of a city with very few trees and no pastures to speak of, apartment buildings stacked practically on top of each other and street vendors that litter the streets from here to the end of never. But in running around tourists and natives alike, in sitting in the middle of Washington Square park with my now dear weekly Economist, that’s exactly what I’ve found. It’s not what I expected but it’s given me a sense of clarity– a step back that’s let me see what I want irrespective of what others around me are striving for. New York is definitely a city of ambitious people but it’s also a jungle gym of different places and different avenues to get wherever you’re going. A jungle gym that is much more lateral than one might think– as my friend told me when I first got here: “Anyone, anyone can ride the subway in New York.” That little observation holds true in a much bigger way. And it’s why I love you so, New York. It’s why I’m finally readdyyy and why finally, finally, I really am back to blogging about all things little and small, the people I’m learning from, and the steps (and missteps) I’m making along the way! Here we go.

Happy Monday y’all!

xo Inesha

*Little moments from these past few weeks*

these are the days.


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