My Domestic Summer

For a while I thought I couldn’t stay stateside when not at Harvard for the regular school year. The past two years have seen me whisked around the world from Sri Lanka to Tanzania to China to Italy and, most recently, to Israel. But this summer, my travels have mostly fallen into a comfortable Richmond-Boston-NYC rhythm. Needless to say, my previous presumption was proven wrong.

My domestic summer has proven wonderful in ways that I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate before. I don’t have to worry about losing internet connection and remain happily smart-phoned and email-ed and linkedin. My parents can send me almost anything I need and, better yet, can come see me with very little notice or prior planning. I can hop on a bus or plane and visit friends and Inesha in NYC (where our family spent Father’s Day weekend). I was even at home for a precious while to drive my dad’s celestial blue car (yes, I finally asked him what it’s official color name is because even though I’ve never been an avid car enthusiast (I mostly just liked anything with 4 wheels), I began to appreciate the serenity of cruising down the road whenever I wanted and having–yes–complete control over the radio.) Plus, that color is just so darn beautiful.

And, even as I’ve thrown myself headfirst into my love of maternal health policy and research this summer, I’ve had the unique pleasure of sharing in the overseas adventures of friends and classmates who are jet-setting all over the world through the words they write on their personal blogs, in emails, and my personal favorite–a blog that our blinkies (blocking + linking group in Harvard lingo) share that is affectionately titled Cheaper by the Dozen 2.0 (a follow-up to last summer of course). So, from reading about friends who are working for future reconciliation and peace in a post-war Bosnia-Herzegovina, traipsing through the mountains of Granada, Spain, running into Nicole Scherzinger in London, taking beautiful pictures in Genova, Italy, or working for the betterment of public health in Mexico, I have a newfound appreciation for traveling vicariously through the many adventures of those around me. And to my surprise–though my itch for travel is certainly not gone–I am so happy to be able to do that from the comfort of my very own American life. :)

And on to Father’s Day Weekend! Another perk of being stateside is that my entire family can be in one place at one time and experience the beautiful and exciting sites that are here, right at home. We spent this past weekend celebrating Father’s Day in NYC–pics below!


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