southern state of mind.

southern state of mind.

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Had you seen us these past few days you might have thought we actually liked getting up at 3 am. Because for four days that’s what we did. It started on Friday morning when we got up at this godforsaken hour to board a bus to DC. We got back at 3 am the next morning. On Saturday some of us actually slept in (ahem till like 7) but mama didn’t– she was cooking a feast for all of us and our closest family friends. Sunday it was back to the 3 am routine with a twilight drive to the temple in West Virginia and Monday– finally, on Monday– our parents I have to believe sighed in relief for even as they had to get up at 3 am again to drop us off at the airport, they knew that it would mean that finally, finallllyyyy they would get some sleep.

While sleep deprivation was a theme of our few days at home, there were so many others too. Like good friends. Good food. Long walks. Tea time. Cleaning. (Ok, not so much) Making a big mess. Cooking. (my family, not me– obviously :) And just being there, being present in Virginia, in my hometown, where I belong.

My parents always joke that we never let them sleep– from the time we were babies all the way up until now. And in so many ways that is very true. Not many parents can handle driving at 3 am in the morning, skirting around deer and ducks and all the other creatures that frequent the road at that hour. Not many can put up with messes of suitcases spilling out all over the floor (sorry, dad!) Not many would tolerate daughters who only come home for a few days and ask for so much and give very little in return. So to mom and dad (our most loyal readers, of course) thanks for putting up with us. For feeding us. For taking care of us now and always and for always doing the best you could for us. We can’t wait to see you again.

And to all of you, thanks for bearing with us as posting has been a little light. Eating a lot I will warn you lends itself to sleeping a lot, neither of which I must confess is very conducive to blogging :)

Here’s some pics from the weekend. I wish I had the words to describe all we did but I don’t. Pictures are the closest I have to capturing the moments I will treasure most from these past few days. They really were so perfect and so very therapeutic. Thank you friends, family, and neighbors for coming out to see us, for feeding us (I mean, with your love, of course :), and for reminding us how very blessed we are. We sure do miss all of you and the South!

Yay to no more 3 am mornings! xo Inesha

“I’m always walkin’ ’round
tellin’ everybody hi.
Justa wavin’ at the strangers
in the cars passin’ by.
Some poeple may look at me
and say that [girl] just ain’t right.
Hey y’all I ain’t crazy,
I’m in a southern state of mind.

I could be anywhere
in my heart I’m always there.
Where you know every body and if you don’t then you’re still polite.
No changin’ who I am,
that’s they way I’ve always been.
No matter what state I’m in,
I’m in a southern state of mind.”


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