Street Scenes from Roma

First, an apology is in order, because both Inesha and I have taken an unbelievably lengthy amount of time to sit down and pen a post for this eclectic online compilation which (at least somewhat) chronicles our lives. Part of that was due to midterm season. The rest mostly due to the fact that we were prepping and packing for Spring Break 2013: Rome + Israel.

Second, and before going any further, we also want to say that both of us feel unbelievably lucky to have had the opportunity to travel as much as we seem to have been doing lately. Sure, the college environment supports it more than any other academic institution I have been a part of, but mostly it is due to the support and help of our family far and wide. They may still fear that we’ll inadvertently step on the wrong flights, book our flights for the wrong day (yes, this happened), or unceremoniously ram into each other with trollies full of suitcases and no sense of direction (they think we tend to fight). Luckily, Inesha and I have become more travel-savvy over the last few months and years and certainly shed a lot of the fear we had about traveling to foreign locales on our own. As far as the battering rams analogy–that’s at least halfway legitimate–since Inesha and I still tend to have squabbles as if we were five, and the relationship we share will always be a very, very unique one. :)

Now, on to what we’ve been up to. Last Wednesday evening, Inesha and I packed our bags (amidst the pre-housing day excitement, no less), woke up on Thursday and attended the last of our classes, and then made that familiar trek with our unwieldy luggages to the Harvard T Station. We were off to Rome.

This was to be the shortest leg of our journey, and minimal planning done or not, Inesha and I were going to make those 24 hours count.

First, though, we had to figure out the Italian metro. After hopping on a quick bus ride to the city center, Inesha and I did our best to minimize the time that we spent pacing around the station, trying to decipher what little Italian we could based on the Spanish we know. Yes, I know, that sounds like a terrible plan, but long story short, we found a lovely English couple who were kind enough to lend us their map, we made it to the Colosseum where there was (surprisingly) almost no line, and quickly realized just how lovely walking on the streets of Rome is. Pictures below :)

The breathtaking Trevi Fountain
The breathtaking Fontana di Trevi

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