Life lately.

Life lately has been busy, productive, not-so-productive, and cha(llen)nging. I’m still finding my way back on this campus and I won’t lie to you–it hasn’t always been easy. In fact, it’s been a lot harder than I thought it would be. Harvard is one busy place some times. And this school thing? With deadlines and homework– is not exactly familiar to me anymore, ya know? Through it all, I’ve been oh so thankful for little moments like these…

photo 4Coffeeshops on snowy Sundays. Two words: Hot Chocolate.

photo 3

Am I right?

photo 2

Turns out while I was gone this little establishment called INSOMNIA COOKIES popped up.

Chocolate chip cookies and warm milk? Um, I think yes.

photo 1

There are a lot of ‘intellectual’ debates one can have here. Like what M&M is actually the best? I mean, is this really even a debate? Thank you for trying to convince me otherwise, Meredith. Not. (Brown m&ms for the win)

photo 5

And lest you think the only good moments have involved food, I snapped this last Sunday. It’s a purple sunset. PURPLE. And to be fair (sorry to disappoint you!), this was snapped in the dining hall… during a meal. Ok, so I lied. But this sunset?


Wherever you are, I hope you take sometime to unwind and slow down. Take it easy. It’s so helpful. Happy weekend! – Inesha


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