back. (and my problem with academia)

Song I'm replaying over and over this week. Fix You --Coldplay
Song I’m replaying over and over this week. Fix You –Coldplay

Second weeks are not like first weeks. The second week after all is when the work actually begins. That 100 gazillion pages of reading? That p-set? Oh right, that has to happen. Before Friday. Actually before noon on Friday.

I have found myself throttling back into a world of deadlines and to-do’s and meal dates. And I never thought I’d say this before, but I must admit… it feels good. To have stuff to do. Stuff that has to get done and that will get done and weeks that I know will fly by but for which I will be pushed and compelled and, yes, forced to accomplish so very much. How much is really quite inconceivable to me right now. But 12 weeks from now? It will be done. A whole new semester of things learned and unlearned, papers written and printed and delivered. It will all magically happen somehow. How exactly, I’m not sure. But that too I trust I will figure out along the way.

Such is perhaps the perspective of someone who has been fortunate to travel between the working world and this very academic, detached one. Such is the frustration of one who now yearns not to learn just of histories and things past but too of new prescriptions and models and solutions for the tomorrows to come. My time away from this magical place we call Harvard has pushed me to open my mind in ways I’m still discovering. But I sense that it’s given me the freedom to view this chapter in my life as not the end all, be all, only grand chapter I’ll ever live, but instead one that I have started writing along the way. I’m stil writing, discovering, and exploring but now more than ever not with an eye towards what exactly is wrong with our society but too what we can do to change it. Action steps. Tangible steps. Academics don’t always teach you those– but a student of the world en route to becoming one of it’s many practitioners has reason for *trying* to figuring those intangibles out too. Hey, I didn’t say it was easy.

Here we come, spring semester!



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