And we’re off…


And we’re off! Ishani and I will be ringing in the New Year somewhere over the Atlantic as we head back home to Sri Lanka. Last night was filled with last minute packing and shopping and list-making but now… I guess you could say we are ready?!

This trip to Sri Lanka won’t be quite like what we’re used to. We won’t really be visiting any beaches this time around. Instead, we will be working and living in the northern part of the country, the region most heavily impacted by the brutal civil war that ravaged the country until 2009. Many of the tensions that led to the war are still fresh in the minds of the people there, the destruction it ravaged across the countryside still evident to any onlooker.

These next few weeks will be quite a journey for us as we not only work to help improve the lives of smallholder farmers and war widows in the north but too to unravel and piece together for ourselves the history of this country our parents call home. Be sure to check back here on the blog to hear updates about what we’re doing :)

In the meantime, you can look forward to posts about Inesha’s internship, a few tech tools, and some more inspiring women we met last semesster. And from the two of us to you—wherever you may be—a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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