Coffee Conversation: Things I Wish I Had Known

It’s a question I often find worth asking whenever I meet someone or grab a cup of coffee with a new acquaintance: What’s something you wish you had known when you were in your 20s? The answers, I’ll warn you, are not always the most interesting. At first glance, they often seem pretty basic, pretty obvious. But every now and then there’s a real piece of life advice wedged in there that I try and integrate into my life. And so the other day when I was browsing quora, I found these little gems that stuck out to me. I thought I’d share them with you!

Rock on Thursday! -Inesha


What is the one thing you wish you had known in your 20’s?


Learn about Finances. Even if it might be boring, or not applicable immediately to you, learn about finances. To make money, you need to understand money, unless you luck out (which very few people do).

Saving. Get into the habit of saving 15% of your earnings every time you make some money. Put it away in an account that requires at least a 6 month waiting period before you can get any money out. Remember, the three most powerful forces in the universe are time, gravity and compound interest.

Read. Read as much as you can, especially History and People. So many things will make sense to you.

Spend at least a year living and working in a foreign country. It’ll change the way you look at everything.

Find out about your parents. They are way more interesting than you think.

Try to reach out to people that are different from you. Many of us grow up in a cocoon and then spend our whole lives trying to weave it tighter. Be open to other people and new experiences.

Reflect on your privileges. “We all have a blind spot around our privilege, shaped exactly like us.” If you never had to skip a meal as a kid because your parents couldn’t afford to feed, you’re privileged.

Don’t be tied down by cultural norms, traditions or what everyone else is doing. And flatly ignore your fear of missing out.

Your life will not turn out the way you expect it too now, and that’s a good thing. If your future turns out exactly the way you plan, that means you’re living the plan of a 21-year old, and that should give you pause.

And, a long time from now will be now really soon. Get to doing your to-do’s :)



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