A Day of Thanksgiving and Thanksreceiving

Dear Readers,

I hope you are using this day (and more) to revel in all that you have in this world to be thankful for and reaching out to actually thank those people who probably don’t hear it enough. We know that we all lead crazy, busy lives, but today is your lucky day because you have room to breathe and take a moment to give and receive thanks with all those people who mean the world to you.

I hope you spend the afternoon and evening eating obscene amounts of food–no matter what kind or of how grand a variety–because after all, there is no better way to encourage a rabble-rousing family to adopt more pleasant chatter than by putting a delicious meal on the table in front of them.

I hope you enjoy that meal after having helped out in the kitchen a little bit–from ladling soups to passing the pepper, there are innumerable little tasks to do–and I’m sure whatever parent, uncle, aunt, grandparent or dear friend is in the kitchen, they  would really appreciate your help (well, except in those extreme cases where you really shouldn’t be allowed in the kitchen–in that case, offer to set the table).

And finally, I hope you take a break–from life, from work, from rapid-fire email-sending, and from that to-do list which you swear is leering at you from the corner of your desktop. Today, forget it all and enjoy where you and the people who are there with you. Enjoy :)

Well, that’s it for me–have an absolutely wonderful, delicious Thanksgiving and Thanksreceiving!


Ishani & Inesha

P.S. I thought I’d leave you with a few pictures from our visit to Inesha’s apartment in D.C. yesterday. Have a great day!

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