my girls.

There are those friends you go out on the town with, watch a movie with, commiserate with. And then there are those friends you go through life with. The ones who drop everything for a weekend, drive up to see you, and proceed to not ask anything of you but to give you one big hug, wash your dishes, feed you, and make sure that in this crazy big world that never stops spinning, you stop.

So ok, maybe it’s just me that requires those kinds of friends. But I have a hunch, that you too have those kinds of people in your life. The ones who are always sitting on your side of the sidelines, the ones who you call just because. You can pick up a conversation with them even if it’s been weeks since you last talked and you go into a coffee shop and pretty much spend a whole day there pushing that pause button, taking measure of the life you’re living, and showing in vulnerability and honesty that you are loveable, that you do need someone there to take you in and to tell you that in this crazy marathon you’re running, it’s ok to stop and admire the world you’re passing by.

This weekend, I was reminded once more that I am so blessed to have those kinds of friends. When two of the girls I’ve known since middle school wrote to me just days after the big election and said ‘we’re coming,’ I could literally feel my heart swelling. Once again, they proved that they had an uncanny knack for knowing when I needed them most. And while they were here, they made no requests or demands. They took one look at my mess of an apartment and got to work. They figured out the perfect place to go to lunch and navigated our way there. (As I thought to myself, ‘Wait, shouldn’t I know this city better than they?’) They brought pillows and comforters, a gigantic load of movies, and popcorn and didn’t get mad at me when I inevitably fell asleep during the show. They baked cookies and pavlova for crying out loud. And in between walking the streets of Georgetown, sharing a dinner we will talk about for years to come, drinking hot chocolate in cute little French cafés, and meandering through little churches and big grocery stores, they filled the gaps and spare seconds with moments well lived, conversations worth having, and love worth sharing. And all I can say is all of it just made my heart so, so happy.

Here we come Monday! xo Inesha


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