Tulsi Gabbard

This is one woman you should have on your (political) radar. This past Tuesday might have sealed the deal for President Obama and a number of notorious Senate candidates, but Tulsi Gabbard– the newly minted U.S. Representative from Hawaii– sure is one up and coming political star.

Full disclosure: I may or may not be biased towards Ms. Gabbard. She’s from Hawaii (I was born there) and she won her primary on my birthday (August 11th.) These little facts aside :) Ms. Gabbard’s election was groundbreaking in that it proved once more that our Congress is slowly diversifying in alignment with the demographic shifts we are seeing in our country.

Gabbard is not only impressive because she is so young– just 31– and has already served in Iraq and been elected to state office (the youngest woman ever to do so), but too in her ‘fresh leadership.’ The fact that she is oft seen wearing a lei around her neck in homage to her home state doesn’t hurt either. What’s more, Gabbard– the first ever practicing Hindu-American to be elected to Congress– will be the first to be sworn in to office over the Bhagavad Gita, a sacred Hindu text which is set, most fittingly, on that battlefield of Kurukshetra, the battlefield of duty. It is on this battlefield that I am confident Representative Gabbard will most confidently find her way in an institution that is fundamental to America and that must find its core purpose once more if we truly are to move this country forward.


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