Columbus, Ohio.

It’s back to Washington, D.C. and real work for me today, but I thought I’d just do a quick little post about the city I got to know these past few days: Columbus, Ohio.

Columbus is quaint and cute and sketchy all at once. I’m sorry, those are just the three words that come to mind first. It was a city I got to know by knocking on doors and driving down streets encouraging people to get out and get to the polls, the automatic doors of our red mommy minivan flailing wide open because the darn things just didn’t want to shut. Or maybe just because we really needed to attract that much more attention. Columbus was the city I canvassed from door to door, starting from anywhere between a daycare parking lot and a funeral home. It was a city where I found myself in awe (and admittedly, sometimes in disapproval) at this country where we will do anything just to get citizens to take advantage of that privilege that history fought for–that fundamental right at the basis of our democracy which grants us our voice. It was a city whose stories echoed through the streets: the complacency of a homeowner who didn’t think voting would bring an answer to his woes, a Taco Bell worker worried about her health insurance, a Korean War veteran fed up with an overly bureaucratized and overly incompetent Department of Veteran Affairs. And it’s also the city where I went to my first political rally, where I went to the polls for the very first time, and where I saw grassroots organizing and democracy at its very core. And so to you, Columbus, I say thank you.

P.s. Just in case you’re worried that I only got to know the political side of Ohio, I thought I’d share with you these pics and a personal guide to getting to know an American city (according to muah :) These little adventures are always the best!

Click on the image to enlarge!

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