Sunny side up.

Hail my biggest accomplishment of the week…

There are days when I feel incredibly grown up here in DC. Like the other day when I successfully (arguably) fried my very first egg. And didn’t burn down my apartment. Emphasis on that last part. I know most of you mortals out there can cook without setting off the fire alarms but for those of us (that is, me) who have never quite succeeded in that department, let me emphasize to you once more just how much of a SUCCESS this was. Subtract the fact that I was frying with a plastic knife and the slightly crunchy texture of my delicious egg sandwich (might have cracked that egg just a little too hard) and you could say that I am truly on my way to adulthood. I was armed for the hurricane with a great makeshift egg sandwich after all.

Now I don’t mean to meditate on an egg sandwich (or maybe I do, professed foodie that I am :) but I do intend to underscore something we tend to forget. Because you are probably thinking right about now: Is this girl serious? Documenting an egg sandwich for crying out loud, crazzzyyy. 

But that little egg sandwich? I made it. All by myself. And it, it was a reminder that in a city that I know not and in a place and internship where I feel increasingly subject to the wills and pressures of outside forces– time, other peoples’ schedules, the news, this crazy election, the hurricane– I can always find a way to make something.

A few simple things from your kitchen, a little patience, and a whole lot of faith aren’t necessarily the most prescribed ingredients for building a good life but I have a hunch they might be the most important ones.

Rock on Wednesday– hope you easterners out there survived Hurricane Sandy!

xo Inesha

P.s. Ishani and I are working on renovating the blog a bit so please be patient with us as posting may be a bit light over the next few days. We promise, the blog will look better than ever before once we’re finished! Thank you as always for your support :)


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