An Update: D.C. Lovin’

Some parts of living on my own, navigating a whole new city, and figuring out what exactly I am doing (and how to do it well, no less) are just plain tough. I’m not going to lie, there have been many moments here where I have looked up and thought: Inesha, what the heck are you doing here? I made a choice to come to DC and take the semester off from all that is familiar and ‘normal’ for a college-age student like myself. And in so doing, I have chosen to…

  • live in a city that I love but that is, let’s be real here, not my own
  • deal with public transportation and all that that entails (and I can tell you part of that has been some very embarrassing meltdowns)
  • surround myself by people that are much older (oh and experienced and smarter too!) than my undergrad self
  • finally really have to take care of myself– I mean are dining halls not the greatest thing ever? Edible food, available all the time… why do we complain?
  • travel so far outside my comfort zone it’s not even funny
  • grow.

The list goes on, trust me. Sometimes I look back at my high school years and wonder when exactly that was even though I know that was less than two years ago. This past year and especially these past few months have seen me hopping from Cambridge, MA to Richmond, VA to Buenos Aires, Argentina to Beijing, China to Washington, DC. Phew. I am known for liking to mix things up but even I will admit all this moving is A LOT.

But I’m learning in perhaps ways I didn’t expect to learn– as in, not just from textbooks but from myself. And I AM growing as cliché as that sounds. I’m getting a crash course in early 20’s living in a hot & hip city and I’m finding my way, literally and figuratively. If anything this time off from school is giving my mind the chance to do what it wants to do, to reel in those new stories, to soak in those words from far distant lands that I hear all around me, and to just spend a couple hours pouring over that book I’ve always wanted to read. I’ve been ‘doing school’ for 13 years. That’s a long time. I know how to (arguably :)) write a paper, take notes during lecture, and sit for long exams. But during these four months, I’m getting schooled by the world… and believe me, it isn’t always pretty but it sure is worth it ;)

Here are some of my favorite pics from D.C. and here’s to a good week for all of you sweet readers!

xo Inesha

P.S. Sorry for my lack of posting– I promise, I’m back now. Semi-adjusted and ready to post ;)


3 thoughts on “An Update: D.C. Lovin’”

  1. “Inesha, what the heck are you doing here?” Haha :D It’s encouraging to hear about the risks you’re taking and I’m sure you’re growing much more in DC than the rest of us, who are still on dining hall food!

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