A Dash of Cinnamon

At school things tend to move fast–the people, the cars, the little colored blocks on my Gcal. But as I was walking back to my room this afternoon, across the bridge and past the beautiful Charles, I heard music before I saw the man behind it. Sitting on the bridge with a guitar in his hand, this stranger shared his melody with the world around him–

without a care in the world whether anyone was listening.

Well, he had at least one listener :)

Needless to say, I felt fortunate that I had decided to walk that way, and at that moment. Seeing that sight on a beautiful Friday afternoon also inspired me to do some thinking–especially about the two crazy weeks that have gone by without my having realized it, and the fact that I am here, a sophomore in College, learning in far more ways than one.

As the weekend commences, I thought I’d share just a few of the things that I’ve learned about myself this past week. Inspired in part by Michi’s (my lovely blockmate) “wall of thanks” and phone conversations with my mom, here goes:

The Spice of the Week

  • Classes have started, and that means the corresponding homework has been assigned. And while I have honestly convinced myself that I can get all that reading done while sitting with friends in a crowded dhall…the evidence speaks for itself (the mountains of evidence).
  • Sleep schedules will never be perfect, but gosh darn it, I can try.
  • I’ve probably known this for a while, but I’m definitely a multi-tasking kind of girl. That’s probably why I always have a million tabs open on my browser or send myself reminders probably a bit too frequently (either that or I’m rather forgetful). Regardless, when a thought comes to mind, I’ve realized it’s just better to put it to paper (or iPhone) right then and there.
  • Phone = lifesaver. Now, I’ll admit that this might be more of a testament to overuse rather than useful use. I now have to take my phone charger out of the dorm with me because, undoubtedly, between texting, gcal, and hyperactive email checking, my phone will be screaming for juice by late afternoon.
  • Have a meeting halfway across campus in an hour? Or in a building you’ve never heard of before? Go early! I’ve learned that–especially for a time-challenged person like myself–going early can be a life savior. That way, even if you’ve underestimated walking time/distance, gotten lost, or forgotten something that you were supposed to take with you, there is no need to worry. The worst that could happen is that you get there so early that you have time to enjoy a new reading spot :)
  • And my final “spice of the week” for this week–and the inspiration for that title–is cinnamon! In the past week, I’ve gained a new appreciation for how incredibly delicious and versatile it is. It can spice up your life, you oatmeal, you coffee…and yes, I said coffee. See, as a certified non-coffee drinker, I wouldn’t know whether adding cinnamon to a café latté is strange or not. But what I do know is that on those days when you absolutely need that caffeine jolt, there’s nothing wrong with putting a dash of cinnamon into your café latté for a little autumn spice.

Have a great weekend!


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