The Wall.

As I write this we are preparing to leave Beijing. It is 5 am in the morning here and our bags are packed, we have said our last goodbyes. This whole saying goodbye thing never gets any easier but this go-around we’re lucky enough to say that we’ll at least see our fellow classmates walking the streets of Cambridge, MA soon. Until then, it’s off to Shanghai for some sightseeing!

We promise to be back soon with more updates and a full-on reflection of just what we’ve been doing here—forgive us in the delay, China has a firewall that is quite hard to get through sometimes. For now at least, I’ll leave you with some pics from our AMAZING trip up the very real Great Wall of China. I have been trying to articulate all day how cool it is to trek up this piece of history that I remember learning about way back in kindergarden, this piece of China that has become in many way’s this country’s symbol to the world. But the truth is I can’t fashion a statement out of words, so I’d thought I’d try with some pictures… Enjoy!!

Trammin’ our way to the top: We took a tram up to the Great Wall, climbed for a good 2 or 3 hours and then took a toboggan (so.much.FUN!) all the way down!

The whole gang– gonna miss this lot! We were so blessed to have such an eclectic, diverse, FUN group of students to accompany us on our journeys throughout all of China :)

It was a long day… but it was SO worth it!!

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