Little spaces.

The botanical gardens that sit right beside Plaza Italia… this bench here just might be my most favorite :)

Today I left the office early. I took the train home and I visited the little plaza right beside the station. And by plaza I mean a playground that sits right in between the train tracks and the rest of the city… the streets, the noise, the traffic. In this playground there was a little carousel. There were monkey bars and little see-saws. And of course, there at the edge of the grounds was my all-time favorite: a pair of swings. Two moms loitered around with their kids and a grandfather bustled after his little grandson while another carried his little girl on his shoulders.

As the sun set, I took a turn on the swings. And as I swung I realized, if you were to ask me what I will miss most about this city it is the little spaces. The playground that sits right by the street, a little place of peace in a world of chaos. The fruit stand on the corner of the street that I live on. All those colors– can you imagine? Oranges and peaches, kiwis and apples, blueberries. I’ll miss walking down the street and bumping right into a fountain and meandering through the  botanical gardens that sit in the the middle of Plaza Italia. I’ll miss that cemetery that sits on the edge of a street fair and that graffiti mural under the green bridge by my house.

This city… it moves fast. It doesn’t sleep. But there’s these little spaces carved into the face of it where you can escape. And I’d argue that it’s actually these little places that give this city a little character, a little pazazz.

I’ve only got a couple more days here and between the coffee conversations I really want to have and the little spaces I want to soak in just one more time, I know time will fly by way too fast. But as of right now, my time in Buenos Aires is just that… mine. 

Have a good rest of the week—I hope to be back tomorrow with  a post about another little something I love too  :)

xo Inesha


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