La bomba (del tiempo)

Yesterday, was, let’s just call it… a MUSICAL MONDAY here in Buenos Aires and I topped off the evening with a visit to the amazing drum fest that is “La Bomba del Tiempo” (the most accurate american slang interpretation for that might be– the bomb-dot-com :) And it was just that and so much more. Housed in an old oil factory of all things, this drum fest led by a Carribbean conductor draws crowds of young people from all over the city every Monday night. And for good reason. The beats… are out of this world. A little piece of Caribbean with an Argentine twang (is that even possible?) that just make you want to DANCE. And when you’re surrounded by so many Latin Americans, you can best bet that’s what you’ll be doing. Just be warned: Latin Americans CAN dance. Let’s just say I was pretty lucky to have my friend from Senegal show me a thing or two ;) Who knows… maybe the rhythm is gonna get to you this week too!  Have a good Tuesday! xo Inesha

P.s. Back soon with some thoughts on what I’ve been reading!


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