the epic saga of my life: getting lost.

have you ever gotten so completely, hopelessly lost?

isn’t it just WONDERFUL?

wait. say whattt? she did not just say that.

actually, i did. i mean it. cause i actually did get lost today. i mean 10 blocks that way-20 blocks the other way- take a right turn when you feel like you’ve reached the end of the world kind of lost. yeah, it was bad.

it all started this morning (i was running late, forgot my passport, had to run back to my apartment… but i digress) when i stood waiting at the bus stop with my friend mayumi for, i don’t know, 20 minutes. that’s probably being generous. especially because we ended up taking the wrong bus. yeah, that happened. we took the wrong bus for a good 40 minutes, got lost in conversation and, trusting that we knew buenos aires well enough (seeing that we have been here for 6 weeks or so!) but alas, we looked up from our conversations not knowing where the heck we were, panicked, asked the driver for directions… only to hear that we had already passed the closest street to the street we were supposed to be on. and by “passed” i mean passed-it-about-20-minutes-ago. yes, excellent.

and so we jumped off that bus mighty quick and walked BACK the direction we had come from. for like 2o blocks. TWENTY, count ’em. of course, learning from our mistakes, we were sure to ask plenty of people which way to go (just to be sure and because, well, neither of us exactly carry maps…) note: if you’ve got more than 10 blocks to walk, argentine people will pretty much always advise you to get a colectivo [bus]. yeah, they’re probably on to something there. ignorant american tourists that we are, we stuck to walking. and of course even when we got to the road we needed to be on we walked down the wrong direction, realized the numbers were going down not up and of course then had to turn around AGAIN (this, my dears, is seriously becoming a theme in my life) and walk back to the place we  had started just to walk another 20 blocks or so (ok, i probably exaggerate here but whatever) until we reached the prison we were to be touring. yes, prison. (i will save that story for another time.)

one would thing i learned my lesson but alas i got lost AGAIN after leaving our destination for my workplace. yes, again. i’ll save that saga for another time. but, you know what? i wouldn’t take back my incredibly hopeless navigation skills for anything. mayumi and i talked endlessly. about her mother, about Peru, about why she chose Harvard, about all the little things in between. we laughed, we nearly cried (ok, i nearly cried) and… we got there. now that, that is the important part.

and on my way to work i didn’t mind the whole getting lost bit (i have to make ammends for my patheticness, you see) and really, i did enjoy getting honked at, whistled at, and practically almost run over by a red car– i didn’t know you were allowed to back up INTO A CROSS WALK in the MIDDLE of a lane but alas i am not an experienced nor licensed driver in argentina so it was great to almost get rear-ended into (?) by a little red sports car. ok so maybe i didn’t enjoy all of that. but the weather? it was perfect. clear skies ahead and it felt just like spring. the conversation? so worth it. and for the first time i felt like i really was walking this city (i guess 50 or so miles– ok, fine, blocks– will do that to you) and getting to know it. the streets, the sounds, the people. the european-ness. and while i covered buenos aires with my feet, i covered peru and kansas, macedonia and harvard, the US and argentina with my conversations. i talked about the trials of being a college student (yes, our lives are oh-so-hard ;), what we all actually mean by poverty and privilege, the military, the malvinas, the relationship between this country and mine, the cold war and the author of that book i read in spanish class in 10th grade who just so happened to be the daughter of a former chilean president who…. you get the picture. What would my life be without a few screw-ups, a lot of getting lost, and a whole lot of exploration? i mean, i always find my way back  home… eventually. :)

hope you got crazy lost in something today! what can i say? it happens. xo inesha

*please forgive my oh-so-impeccable grammar… clearly it’s my feet talking to you, not my brain– right, Ishani? :) i promise to be back soon with my cultural notes!

*and mayumi, if you’re out there reading this… you are a doll! could not have imagined a better person to get lost with! but seriously. :)



“Ain’t no rhyme or reason,

No complicated meanin’

Ain’t no need to over think it…

Let’s go laughin’

Life don’t go quite like you plan it

We try so hard to understand it

The irrefutable, indisputable fact is…

Pshh, IT HAPPENS :)”



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