The Afternoon of No Pictures: Update and Hope

Hi there! This is just a quick post to share news that absolutely made my morning today :))

I wrote a while back about a young Maasai girl that we came across while visiting her village–a girl who appeared to be sick and severely undernourished as she lay sleeping on the barren earth in front of her family’s hut.

After seeking help at a nearby Children’s Center that serves the disabled, we left feeling hopeful that something might be done.

Today, I received an update from Shikamoo Tatah as we call him–he is the founder of the Children’s Center.

He tells me that it was determined that the young girl was, fortunately, not suffering from a sickness such as Malaria or worse. However, she may have an underlying condition that has affected her mental faculties and left her incapable of some of the functions of a normally developed child. Shikamoo Tatah wrote in his email that her family (who was originally very resistant to modern medicine) has agreed to let her see another doctor and then a specialist who will diagnose her. I am so happy and grateful that this next step has been made possible by a kind man who took a young child’s well-being to heart– it is a step that may change her life forever.

Reflecting again on that day when we stumbled into a Maasai boma expecting a tourist’s cultural experience and left with reality weighing heavily on our shoulders, I cannot help but feel in awe of the potential we have to make a difference. We didn’t need to offer money or even stay there with the child, but just the simple act of telling someone–of asking for help on behalf of someone who was unable to ask for it herself–was able to produce a miracle.

I am sending all my best wishes and prayers to the young girl whom we met that fateful day, and all the others like her whom we did not have the chance to see. I hope you will join me in sending your prayers as well :)

Kwaherini for now, and see you on the other side–we are off to Mwanza for the next mMaisha training!


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