Weekend Fun, Part II: Zest for Zanzibar

Simple, yet luxurious.

That is the way I’ve come to view Zanzibar—the glorious paradise island that knew 5 APHFTA interns for a few blissful days. We spent our time on the island wandering through the venetian-style high-walled streets of historic Stone Town, snorkeling in the clear blue waters around Prison Island, visiting giant tortoises & peacocks, tasting every kind of fruit imaginable, and swimming with dolphins in the deep blue waters of the Indian ocean.

On our last night in Zanzibar, we walked the meandering route through Stone Town following one last dinner at Forodhani Park. Michi and Kyra sang tunes while Sabrina whistled and I clapped along to the beat. Though my contribution was admittedly a simple one, I couldn’t have felt happier as we walked along those cobblestone steps–greeting passerby and small children who remained outside despite the darkened sky–and felt the beauty of the high-walled stone buildings around us and how willingly they received our laughter bouncing across their walls. Once again, we were the loudest group for miles around–but I daresay the happiest.

And that is no easy feat in Stone Town, where a late night walk through the streets will lead you to Jaws Corner–the men’s hangout where Mancala and Dominoes games are played on a Saturday evening and even a slight pause in your step will be greeted by immediate offers for directions or help in getting you to where you need to go. The Zanzibari people are so kind that way–and unassumingly friendly to us “wageni” (foreigners). “Zanzibar yetu, hakuna matata!” (from a very well-known song on the island)  means, “In our Zanzibar, there are no worries.” Just look at the faces of the young boys playing marbles on the street, or the bicycles whizzing past beautiful and historical buildings, and you know it to be true–here, one could not have a worry in the world.

I am convinced that there is nothing quite like this place—

Incredibly simple…yet undeniably luxurious :)

Zanzibar, I will be back!

In front of the National Museum (once the Sultan’s Palace)
Beautiful view from the top of the National Museum
I absolutely LOVE this photo! Michi captured Kyra sitting in front of the beautiful beach that we stopped at after our Spice Tour
Every night for dinner we went to Forodhani Park–an outdoor “food festival” of sorts where everything from “Zanzibar pizza” to fresh crab to banana and nutella crepes were served. yum :)
Visiting a slave chamber that was used to hold slaves before they were sold at market
Spice House in Stone Town
Sabrina and I outside one of the many beautiful doors in Stone Town (photo courtesy of Michi)
Sunset by the sea :)
We met these cuties during our Spice tour (photo courtesy of Michi)
Michi and I in Stone Town :)
Snorkeling in the waters around Prison Island
The Giant Tortoises of Prison Island are the second largest in the world

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