Weekend Fun, Part I: Iguazu Falls

Somewhere over the rainbow :)

It just so happens that this past weekend both Ishani and I got around to finally playing tourist in our respective countries– Ishani headed to the Zanzibar Islands and I to Iguazu Falls. I’ll let Ishani fill you in about Zanzibar tomorrow; for now, I’ll just try and explain how incredibly beautiful the Iguazu Falls are…

Last Thursday night, I began an 18 hour BUS RIDE with my friends Becky and Rachel (yes, 18 hours… EIGHTEEN… count ’em) to Iguazu. We joked the entire time that we were traveling in true college student style. Which would be true except for the fact that our hotel was a slice of pure paradise. There were cabanas and platters of food, there were palm trees and breakfast smoothies, and there were swings… yes, swings. Need I say more?

But to say all this would be to discount the real attraction. The Iguazu Falls. These waterfalls are unlike any other I’ve visited. And for you North Americans, no– Niagra Falls does not come even close. These falls stand tall and prominent. They’re clear and tremendous. And you can hear them a mile away– actually many miles away considering how many tourists clamor to see these natural wonders :)

The falls themselves are breathtaking to say the least. They assured me that I, as precocious a sixth grader as I might have been, was certainly not far off when I declared in an essay long ago: “MY HERO IS NATURE.” Because it sure still is.

After arriving at Iguazu National Park, my friends and I boarded a scenic little open window train to the heart of the park. There we indulged in everything the falls had to offer. The air was crisp, the wind was slight… and we, we were in awe. I don’t know how but the Argentines have built an astounding– and sturdy!– series of bridges and trails that permit one to walk through the rain forest and right up to the falls. You can practically touch them… and if your heart so desires you can even take a boat ride right to the center of them. Along the way, you’ll encounter quaint little birds, mounds of tourists, and scenic views that will stop you and nudge you to snap just one more photo. As if that will help you memorize the scene any better. As a favor to me, if you ever head out to Igauzu Falls– and really, you should!!– leave the camera at home. You’ll be glad you took in the falls not through the lens of your camera, but through the pupils of your own eyes :)

I hope you’ll enjoy some pics from my weekend adventures below (you’ll see hints of our trips to Aripuca and an amazing tropical rainforest bird park :) And yes I know, I am hopeless at taking my own advice…

Hello Paradise! My friends Rachel & Becky in front of our amazing hotel
And then there were the swings… good times, good times
On Friday night we headed over to La Aripuca, an astounding monument to nature modeled after a kind of trap that the native peoples– the Guaraní– used to make
And here it is… Aripuca!
Las Tres Fronteras: Standing at this point on Argentine soil, one can see where Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina meet!
Olá Brazil! Note the obelisk monument on the side painted in Brazil’s colors :)
And there goes Paraguay!
And, of course, then there’s beautiful Argentina :)
Hello Iguazu Falls! Miles and miles of natural beauty… sights that will take your breath away!
…my hero is nature…
Off on a safari-like adventure through Guirá Oga, a park refuge for tropical birds… and all sorts of other animals too! So cool– definitely worth a visit!
Look at all those colors! This is indeed a bird after my heart :)

Finally, I have seen a toucan... and, might I add, he was quite the show-off!

This cute thing had all the little children delighted… until he started growling. That and the fact that he climbed right out of his cage. Definitely not the typical safari going experience… but one full of sweet memories nevertheless!               Until next time, Chau!

7 thoughts on “Weekend Fun, Part I: Iguazu Falls”

  1. Wow! Great photos! I would never, ever, ever leave my camera at home for a trip to any part of Argentina. :-)
    You need to see the movie “The Mission” when you get home. It’s definitely History 101 for people familiar with Latin America, but the scenes of Iguazú and the religious politics surrounding that region in the 18th century are fascinating.

    1. haha thanks– I definitely will put it on my list! Hope you’re surviving in all that Richmond heat… it was cold at Iguazu Falls, can you believe it… colllddddd!

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