That weekend I went to Uruguay…

Over the weekend I went to Uruguay. There were bright bubblegum pink houses and orange ones too. Old fashioned cars lined the cobblestone roads and cute little eateries lined all of the streets. There were beaches to sit by and lighthouses to climb, tunnels to explore and little holes to climb into.

And I? I plopped down on the grass right by the water. I downed some chocolate caliente and some out-of-this-world gnocchi. And I took it all in. It was just the perfect getaway from this incredible city that I have a feeling never quite sleeps.

I’ll be back soon with some more about my stay here in Argentina– and what I’ve learned along the way. For now, I’ll just *try* and give you a visual tour of our little visit to Colonia, Uruguay :)



3 thoughts on “That weekend I went to Uruguay…”

  1. That’s one place I didn’t get to during my trip down there. Looks beautiful! Glad you’re beating the heat…its pretty brutal on the East Coast of the US! ¡Un abrazo fuerte!

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