I’m probably not alone when I say my morning does not begin until I have my coffee. So today at the office (more about my summer internship with Ashoka later!) when I struggled—and I mean STRUGGLED—to make my coffee, I pretty much sort of almost died. No joke.

First it was the milk. I thought there was none but after asking (something I always recommend!) I was given a sealed carton of milk. How exactly do you unseal a sealed carton of milk? Common sense and Spanish failed me again and again. Feeling incredibly stupid but not wanting to waste more time, I finally just gave up and summoned the courage to ask (read: bother) my supervisor again… “Um, so how do you open this?” I think she thought it was quite amusing. Imagine a full grown 18 year old asking: “So, how do you open this milk carton?” Of course. You just need scissors, you big dumbie!

Contrary to what you may think, I am not sharing this rather embarrassing incident with you because I need to demonstrate again my LOVE for coffee or my complete ineptitude in making it or even because I enjoy making fun of myself. Rather, I think this morning’s events encapsulate rather well the real reason I love traveling and exploring new places. You see, making coffee is something I do every day. I’m not a pro but of the limited edible things I can make for myself, coffee is one of them. But in this new context with Spanish ringing around me, stubborn milk cartons, and spoons that come in all different shapes and sizes, even something as simple as making my coffee is different… and, as much as I hate to admit it, challenging. But in a good way. Doing all the same things I do at home in a different context—and often in a different way—make me appreciate more and more the simple things I love about home, the simple things I can find for myself wherever I go. I mean, really, I probably will never love American milk cartons—lids and all—as much as I do right now ;) But seriously, these new experiences—however small—allow me to find my new footing in a place that is still very much new and different to me. And just going through these motions day by day assure me that I will very soon find my way here. I am outside of my comfort zone, but that doesn’t mean I can’t find the things here that make me comfortable. For now though, I think we can all just be grateful that this internship doesn’t have me making coffee for anyone but myself :)  Happy Tuesday!


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