Bienvenidos a Argentina!

A view of Plaza de Mayo from above- hello Buenos Aires!

Hi there! Sorry that posting has been a bit light this week on my end– I arrived in Buenos Aires on Sunday and let’s just say I am STILL trying to keep up with this incredibly vibrant city!

This week has been FULL of excitement, nervousness, discovery, and–let’s be honest– sleep deprivation. In just one week I have walked the city of Buenos Aires (ok to be fair, there were buses involved…), danced salsa and tango, completed an all important traveling tradition (i.e., I visited McDonalds), and spent precious time and conversations with my host family here (more about them later!)

So often when I travel, I find bits and pieces of the other countries I’ve visited before in my new surroundings. I’ll walk down a street in Japan and think that it looks so much like the one my mom grew up on in Sri Lanka or I’ll swing outside my school in Boston and see a monument that I swear I saw in England. But in Argentina… that just doesn’t happen! EVERYTHING here is so different. The bread. The dulce de leche. The traditions. The “Pink House.” And don’t even get me started on the ice cream. (Here’s a clue:

All of this to say, this trip of mine will undoubtedly be unlike any other. I am not a tourist here. I am as close to an Argentine as I’ll ever get :) I live with a family. I work in the city. I take the bus. I look around me and know this is not my world but it is a world I will come to know and understand with time, a world where I hear not English but Spanish, a world that requires of me a certain confidence, a certain ability to communicate, and more than anything, a willingness to keep my eyes open.

Here’s a round-up of what I’ve been up to this week… I’m so glad you can join me in Argentina as I share with you all the things– big and small– I do here!! xo Inesha

El Cabildo, located in Plaza de Mayo, is where the first Argentine government was housed. It honors San Martin (think of him as the Argentine “George Washington) who liberated Argentina, Chile, and Peru from the Spanish.
So I guess I sort of lied… there are bits and pieces of places I’ve been here in Argentina as well. For example, the Supreme Court is modeled in large part off of our American Supreme Court– and they have all these American Law Reports to prove it! Ahhh, America :)
The Supreme Court! Our group of students was so lucky to get a private tour of the Argentine Supreme Court… we got to see everything from the court itself to the private chambers and meeting rooms of the justices! (P.s. Here’s me in the justices’ private chambers :)

Didn’t I tell you Argentina is one VIBRANT country? Perfect Example: La Casa Rosada (our equivalent of the White House)– this striking building is painted with a muted pink that was created by mixing elements of the Argentine countryside– grass, dirt, and cow’s blood. Creative, huh? The best part? It lights up with BRIGHT PINK NEON lights at night. No, I am not kidding.…And here’s us chilling outside La Casa Rosada :) 

On Wednesday night I walked along Buenos Aires’ Puerto Madero… and we went to this incredible Gallery–rather the private collection– of a famous Sra. Fortabet of Argentina. Now I am not typically the museum going type, but this gallery was simply INCREDIBLE. I instantly fell in love with the building and the roof (it literally opens up during summer so that you can look at art ‘underneath the stars!’) How cool is that? Alas, the only downside of our visit is that we couldn’t take any pictures!!
On Thursday afternoon I was lucky enough to meet up with my dear friend Megan to indulge in some of Argentina’s famous dulce de leche ice cream! P.s. Can you believe THIS is a McDonalds? yup… more about that later!
Never did I ever… think I would take a salsa and tango class. In Argentina. But I did and it was quite the cultural experience. Surrounded by Americans and Argentines alike, I had so much fun picking up these two dances (full disclosure: I am NOWHERE near being able to do either dance well) and enjoying the night life Buenos Aires has to offer!
A little taste of home? I’ve had quite the case of Argentine allergies these last few days (of course I have a name for it) and was tickled yesterday when our intern coordinator gave us “La Virginia” tea. I guess home is never too far away! I hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend– and I promise to be back next week with more :)