¡Hola, Buenos Aires!

In a few short hours (!) I will be off to Buenos Aires. That’s not to say that my bags are packed– they aren’t– or that I know exactly how to get myself around the city– I don’t– but this sure will be one heck of an adventure! The short of it is that I’ll be in Argentina for two whole months staying with a host family. I just received an email this week from my homestay mother and must say I am already feeling the love– not to mention there are three girls in this family who are tiny and are oh so cute! I figure they’ll teach me a thing or two ;)

I’ll be in Buenos Aires interning with a social entrepreneurship firm called Ashoka Social Innovators. I’ll be helping them with their “Avancemos” initiative– by which they are working to empower young people to employ real entrepreneurial skills to deliver social impact. I can’t wait to see the projects these kids are working on!

But of course, being in Argentina is also just a great excuse to travel and explore– and explore I will do, believe me! I’ve got my restaurant list decked out and am planning on visiting everything from the glaciers in the south to the breathtaking Iguazu Falls (think Niagra Falls but much bigger) in the north to every market and street-side café in between! Buenos Aires itself is supposed to be a vibrant city (I mean look at those incredibly COLORFUL houses– I think I might have found my soul city!) and I can’t wait to fill y’all in on everything I find, eat, and enjoy!

Join me for the ride, won’t you? From the looks of it, Argentina is GORGEOUS! xo Inesha


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