And I’m the other one :)

Hello there! My name is Ishani. Inesha just introduced me as her twin sister. I’ll admit, the role has taken some getting used to, but I’d say that now, as a young adult who is still plenty mistake-prone, I may finally be getting the hang of it. I guess 18 years of practice will do that to ya :)

But most days, I’m just me, a college student who, like my sister, is trying to make it happen–day to day. I love peacocks and elephants, traveling (and thinking about travel,) scrapbooking, snapping photos with my iPhone (and now, new camera!), reading, writing, and studying people and how they work. I’m fascinated by foreign cultures and the way in which people live around the world and if you tell me you’re part Swedish or three quarters Bosnian, you’ll just have to be ready because the questions will surely start coming. I simply love culture and everything that implies it.

I’m off to Tanzania today for a global health internship in Dar es Salaam, but I promise to keep you updated from there. You can also find me here, on my personal blog. Other than that, I hope you find Seeing i-to-i to be a refreshing space where we can share stories about trying and failing and trying again. As women we must support each other–at least that’s the most valuable lesson I’ve learned from having a twin sister. But the twin saga continues, I assure you…more chapters to come!

And that’s all for now folks–much love and talk to you soon!



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